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What to expect from me

I believe counselling is a collaborative process where through regular sessions we can work together to explore and understand your difficulties.

My responsibilities to clients are:

  • To be available at the agreed time.

  • To start and end on time.

  • To offer a quiet appropriate and undisturbed space.

  • To maintain safe, professional boundaries.

  • To regard all contact and information as confidential unless I have reasonable doubt concerning actual safety of the the client or others.

  • To encourage client autonomy.

  • To work within the BACP Ethical Framework (available upon request) including regular supervision.

  • To review the therapeutic work and relationship regularly.

  • In the unlikely event of the counsellor cancelling, an alternative appointment will be offered as soon as possible.


Within the counselling sessions you may reveal things which you’ve spoken to few about, if anyone. All your communication with me — whether in person, or by telephone or email — will remain confidential.

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