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Initial Session

When you first make contact we will arrange an appointment for an initial session, so we can look together at your needs and decide whether counselling may be helpful for you.  This session will:

  • Enable you to get a feel for what counselling involves and how it may help.  It will also enable you to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you may have before making such a commitment.

  • Provide a time to discuss the practicalities of counselling by looking at times, cancellations, fees, confidentiality.

  • Look together at the issues that you may want to bring to sessions with the acknowledgement that these may change over time.

  • Look at the number of sessions you are comfortable with and when reviews will happen.

  • More importantly, this initial session is designed for you to make an assessment and to decide if you can work with me.

  • Attending an initial assessment does not mean that you are obliged to continue on to counselling sessions.

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